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Super Rewards FAQ

What is the SUPER Rewards Program? 

SUPER Rewards is our loyalty program designed to reward you for shopping with us. Earn points on every purchase and enjoy exclusive benefits! 

How do I join the loyalty program? 

It's easy to join! Simply sign up by visiting /account/register.html 

Who is eligible to join? 

Anyone can join! Just be aware that you can only earn points on deliveries made within the UK. 

Is there a cost to join the loyalty program? 

No, there's no cost to join. Just shop as you normally would and start earning points. 

How do I earn points? 

There are many ways to earn points, from buying products for your next project to following us on social media. 

Full details on earning points can be seen below: 

Action   Points
Make a purchase    1 point per £1 spent 
Sign up for email newsletter    40
Sign up for SMS marketing    50
Follow us on Instagram    5
Like us on Facebook    5
Upload a photo with your next review    20
Order 5 times over £500    100
Buy a sample    30
Spend over £1,500    100
Refer a friend, and referral spends over £600    200
Upload a video with your next review    30

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn? 

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn.  

When will my points become available? 

Points earned through making a purchase are processed once your order status changes to full dispatched. Points are awarded typically 14 days after this point.  

Points earned through other methods, such as following our social media are typically made available immediately. 

Where are the points from my photo/video review?   

Your photo/video must be approved for use on our website before points are awarded. You will receive points for each product with an approved photo in the review, up to a limit of five products per order. Note that we will not accept images that are offensive, contain individuals, and/or can identify customer details such as home address. Photo/video approval rights reserved by CMO Group PLC.   

Please contact customer services if you have followed these guidelines and more than 10 working days have passed since submitting your photo/video review.  

How can I use my points? 

You can convert your points into vouchers once you reach 600 points. Here’s the conversion rate: 

600 points = £30 voucher off a £400 order 

1200 points = £60 voucher off a £400 order 

2400 points = £120 voucher off a £600 order 

6000 points = £300 voucher off a £600 order  

Do my points expire? 

Points will expire after a period of 6 months of inactivity across our group of SUPERSTORES. 

Can I earn points on sale items? 

Yes, you can earn points on sale items, unless otherwise specified. 

Can I use points along with other discounts or promotions? 

No, you cannot use your points vouchers along with another coupon. We do reserve the right to exclude certain products from earning points. 

What can't I use my points on? 

Rewards cannot be used to discount shipping costs, or be applied to ad-hoc products such as (but not limited to):

Charity donations and delivery costs that require additional payments. 

How can I check my points balance? 

You can check your points balance by logging into your account. 

I have points on more than one SUPERSTORE, how can I merge them?   

Your SUPER rewards points are connected to your email address. The email address you use to login to your SUPERSTORE account must match for points to collated - Allowing you to Build more with our SUPERSTORES.  

What happens to my points if I return an item? 

If you return an item, you will only receive your full points balance back if the order is refunded in its entirety. 

Can I transfer my points to someone else? 

No, points are non-transferable. Only the email address used to register for SUPER Rewards is eligible to redeem points. 

How will I know about special offers and promotions for loyalty members? 

We will email or SMS you (if you have agreed to marketing) about any special offers and promotions. 

What should I do if my points are not credited correctly? 

Email our sales team, and we'll get that sorted for you. 

Can I still join the loyalty program if I live outside of the UK? 

You can join, but only deliveries within the UK are eligible to earn rewards. 

Is there a mobile app for the loyalty program? 

There is no app, but you can view your account through our mobile site. 

How do I opt out of the reward scheme? 

You can manage your preferences in your SUPERSTORE customer account. Note that if you are opted into the SUPER rewards scheme on other SUPERSTORES you will need to log into your account on the other SUPERSTORE websites.   

Where are my points?   

For points awarded for orders and reviews, please see previous questions. For all other points queries please contact customer services here.

I have enough points, why can’t I spend my reward?   

Please check that your basket total (excluding shipping costs) amounts to the minimum value qualified for your reward. E.g. a £30 reward can be used towards £400 incl. VAT, excl. shipping. 

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